YES! I am currently taking on a few 2025 weddings however prices are subject to increase and change at any time before booking.

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from brides

are you booking 2025 weddings yet?

how do i secure my wedding date?

An inquiry or email thread does not mean your date is secure. I have a lot of brides reaching out about many different dates and to be honest, sometimes its hard to keep track! Your date will only be secure if/when a client contract is signed and the retainer fee is paid. At that point you will be officially booked and no one can take your date. Prior to booking, your date is up for grabs without warning. 

Can I see the client contract before i book?

You bet! I can send a contract to you to review and you are not obligated to sign it until/if you are ready! Just ask! 

what happens after we book?

If you booked a package that includes an engagement session, we can be in touch and get that scheduled when you are ready! Otherwise we will keep in touch throughout the year, and closer to your big day we will get together for coffee or chat on the phone and go over your timeline, details, important shots, etc! 

what is all included in the engagement session?

You will get up to 2 hours of us getting to know each other, seeing how you two interact, having fun and getting some rad photos, I include travel up to avalanche creek, around 75-100 images/hour, an online gallery, high resolution downloading and full print release

Tell me more about the second shooter

Second shooters are the best way to ensure that every detail of your wedding will not be missed. My second shooter will typically be with the guys getting ready while I am with you and the girls. He/she will be in charge of groomsman photos and any needs of the groom. They are there to ensure back up if something were to happen to me or my equipment, and they are the BEST second eye during the ceremony, capturing things that I may otherwise miss.I will only use photographers who know what they are doing! I require my second shooters to have some wedding experience, shoot in manual mode and use a professional camera. 
With a second shooter, once they are done photographing for the day, I collect the memory cards from their camera and do all of the editing! 

benefits of a first look

Although I do love the traditional seeing each other at the alter for the first time, I am ALLLLL for doing a first look. As a photographer who has shot many weddings, I can guarantee you, no bride has ever regretted doing a first look. The first look allows you to have a very intimate moment together before you say “I do”, it is such a special moment between you two without the pressure of an audience. It also allows for you to get all of the time consuming photos (bridal party, family, you two, etc.) out of the way so that you can go straight to your reception and enjoy the rest of your evening. Plus, you will be hungry! 

can you edit our photos differently?

Girrrrl, I’m sorry, but no. I take pride in my editing style. It is something that I have worked on over the years and my own personal stamp on images. It is something I am not willing to change. There are so many amazing photographers out there. My suggestion is to research and find someone who’s style you love and will meet your needs! 

Do you provide locations in Glacier before we book?

I will throw out general suggestions on where we could go, but any specific locations will not be shared until after you have booked. Once booked, then we can go into detail on locations. 

What is your turnaround time?

For portrait sessions, it is typically 2-3 weeks in the off season and 3-4 weeks in the summer season. Elopements are about a 4-5weeks turnaround and weddings are about 6-8 weeks. All of these times are just averages. Sometimes my schedule gets chaotic, and sometimes I have a lot of free time, so times vary from season to season. I very much appreciate your patience and know how hard it is to wait!! 

Do i get social media seak peeks?

Although I always TRY to post sneak peeks, sometimes my schedule just doesn’t let me get around to it. Summertime gets absolutely insane and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Please understand that its not because I don’t like your photos or that your session/wedding was not a priority. It takes a big chunk of time to go through all the photos and figure out which ones to post, sometimes its much faster to just edit your session and get it back to you! 

OKKK, so this is a big one. Have you ever printed photos and they came out blurry or had weird color? Its VERY important that you use a printer with high quality printing to get the best resolution and coloring that will stay true to the photos you see on your phone or computer. You can order professional high quality prints right on the gallery I send you. Or you can take them to get printed.I always suggest using Photo Video Plus in Kalispell or Costco! Pleaseeeeee don’t ever use Walgreens or Walmart, they do not have the quality of printing that the other places do. 

how/where should i print my phtos?


I get it, sometimes life just happens! Whether it be financial or a family emergency, your wedding day should be one of the most special days of your life, so just know it’s OK to hold off until you are ready! If you book a wedding with me and have to end up rescheduling, you can do a one time reschedule. I will transfer your retainer fee to a new date so long as the new date does not fall on a Saturday between the months of May-September. If a wedding is to be cancelled, there will be no refund of the retainer fee, however you may use the money paid as a “credit” or “voucher” for a session in the future. I.e. a family session. 

We love you! How do we book?

Super simple! Click here and you will be taken to my contact page. Fill out the form to let me know a little more about your big day and I will respond asap! LETS DO IT!