5 Tips for Eloping in Glacier National Park

Have you ever wanted to book a photographer while visiting Glacier National Park? Considering getting married to your significant other and want to document this special time? Then you definitely need to read my 5 tips for eloping in Glacier National Park below.

1. Time of year:

Keep in mind that most of glacier park is NOT open year round. Although Lake McDonald is typically open year round, most of the park is only open June-October so be sure to research and make sure that your desired location will be open on the date you chose. The best months to come where you can count on everything being open along with typically good weather is July-September.

2. Drive time:

It’s not as easy as a hop skip and jump away from town. The best locations in glacier are a 1+ hour drive from town, but so worth it! If you want those insane/dramatic views, it’s going to cost you an hour or so of driving! Sometimes 3! Mid-day there typically is a lot of traffic, so doing the session either early in the morning or late in the evening will be the best bet as well as the easiest to get around the park.

3. Weather:

Montanas weather can change at the blink of an eye! Be prepared for any weather situation, rain, snow, smoke, fog, sun, etc! The weather is so unpredictable especially in higher elevation so be open minded to less desirable weather! It’ll still be beautiful! Even if it is warm in the valley, it can still be very cold on top of Logan Pass with the wind and everything.

4. Time of day:

I know us photogs love shooting at crazy hours but trust us when we say, the first few hours of sunrise and the last hours before sunset are THE most beautiful! A 5am or 8pm time might sound crazy but will 100% be worth it!

5. The reservation system:

As of a few years ago, glacier park implemented a ticket system to help with traffic. From memorial weekend to Labor Day weekend, the park requires a $2/3 day reservation ticket to enter the park between 6am-3pm. Be sure to secure your tickets or permit to enter the park that day or any other days you want to visit!

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